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The fast recipe

Make your Lasagna in 30 minutes!


(Follow from main page) Pre-prepared pasta sheets have undoubtedly marked a milestone in this field. Very easy to utilize, they will make you save much time and a lot of energy.

There are two kinds of pasta sheets: fresh pasta sheets and dry pasta sheets. Fresh pasta sheets are more conform to the traditional recipes, but they must be consumed immediately. Dry pasta sheets lasts long, they are more practical and can be consumed even after several months.

Contrary to the directions of the traditional recipe, dry pastas sheets are often made of durum wheat. In my experience, this makes no difference in terms of quality.

The most important point to keep in mind is that the dough of lasagna pasta sheets must be made with eggs (in Italian language this special dough is called "pasta all'uovo"- pasta with eggs ). Naturally in supermarkets it is also possible to find pasta sheets made with ordinary dough (without eggs), but the final quality of your Lasagna will be undoubtedly bad affected.

The pre-prepared pasta sheets of the several Italian brands that produce them do not show significant differences in quality. So, when you wish to make your Lasagna, simply reach the local super store ( or better an Italian food shop ) and pick up a box of pasta sheets for Lasagna, no matter the brand. Simply,remember to check the ingredients and verify that the dough is made with eggs.


Products like pre-prepared bechamel or bolognese sauce have also become available in most super stores in the last few years. In Italy bechamel carton boxes of several size (usually 250 gr and 500 gr) are sold almost everywhere. Pre-prepared Bolognese sauce is available in tins or ( better ) in nice glass jars.

Same as pasta sheets, there are several Italian brands that sell this kind of products without great differences in quality.

My approach is to make bolognese by myself, as it is the real key factor that can make a difference in term of taste, while I utilize pre-prepared dry lasagna sheets and pre-prepared bechamel.

I assemble everything and bake my lasagne in oven (270°) for about 20 minutes. The result has never been disappointing, while this approach is real time saving!