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Which wines match lasagna?


(follows from main page) When we talk about lasagna, it is the red, meaty version that uppermost comes up to our minds. But keep in mind that there are several different versions of lasagna today, and consequently several different possible wine parings.

According to some Italian wine experts, a good wine pairing for classic lasagna should be a still medium-body red wine with a fruity bouquet and sweet tannins. Slightly sparkling red wines are also recommended.

San Giovese di Romagna, a still red wine from the area around Bologna and an outstanding example of the first type of recommended wines, could be a good choice.

Among slightly sparkling wines, we mention Lambrusco, another red wine from the same area. Other eligible wines could be Chianti (a still red wine from Tuscany), Dolcetto d'Alba (a still red wine from Piedmont), Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (a still red wine from Abruzzo).

Contrary to classic lasagna, a good match for Seafood lasagna, Vegan and Vegetable lasagna would be a white dry wine, like Gavi, or also a richer white like Chardonnay. A full white (like Soave) could be a good choice with Seafood lasagna.