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Our recipe of seafood lasagna

Enjoy the delicate flavour of mussels and clams


Time: about 3 hours


Difficulty: medium


Serves 4


Costs: medium/high


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Nutrition facts


Carbohydrates: 50%

Proteins: 20%

Fats: 30%

Cholesterol: 20%

Ingredients(for four people)

Pasta sheets for lasagna: about 24 sheets

Mussels 1/2 kg

Clams 1/2kg

Squids 150 gr

Shrimps 80gr

Tomato sauce: 3 spoons

Bechamel sauce: 1/2 litre

A half glass of white wine

Salt, pepper, butter, two or three stems of parsley, olive oil, some flour

1 litre of oil for frying

A hint of garlic


Preparation of the filling

First, make bechamel (see the recipe of traditional lasagna) or utilize pre-prepared bechamel. After having cooked the clams and the mussels, recover the juice from the pan and sift it. Add this juice to the bechamel.

Chop finely a hint of garlic and the parsley on a wooden board. Then mix all together with the tomato sauce.


Clean each squid, separating the mantel from the head. Slice the mantels into rings and cover them in flour. Fry the rings in much oil for a very short time in order to keep them tender. then let dry the fried squids on absorbing paper

Mussels and clams

Discard already open, broken, died or damages mussels and clams. Remove mussel beard. Soak the mussels and the clams in cold water for 120 minutes, so that they can expel sand while breathing.

Put the mussels and the clams on a pan with some olive oil and a hint of garlic. Cook on medium fire till they open. Pour in a half glass of white wine. Cook for some other minutes. Do not cook too long, as clams get though. Separate the shellfish from the shell. Recover the juice from the pan and sift it. Then, add the juice to the bechamel.

Tips for this stage

- A half glass of a dry white wine will add a special flavour to your clams.

- The trick to get perfect, crispy friend squids is to fry them in a lot of oil.

- Corn oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil are among the best oils for frying.

Preparation of lasagna

Take a rectangular baking pan. The dimensions of the pan must be compatible with the dimensions of your pasta sheets.

Grease the bottom of the pan with some olive oil and bechamel sauce. This will prevent the first layer of pasta sheet from getting stuck to the bottom of the pan while baking.

Make the first layer of pasta sheets. On this first layer of pasta sheet, spread some bechamel, some seafood, some tomato juice. Again, make a second pasta layer, and again, spread some bechamel, some seafood and some tomato juice. Go on with layers up till ingredients are finished. The layers of pasta must be at least four. Usually they are six. Once got to the last layer, top with some bechamel sauce. Spread some bread crumbs on the top of the filling.


Bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Check lasagna sometimes; your lasagna are ready when there is a thin golden crust over there.

Tips for this stage

- Be careful! pre-prepared lasagna cook faster, so check the time and the temperature on the box of lasagna.



According to the tradition, Lasagna is a first course. So, it is served after starters and before the main course. As lasagna is very rich, in modern diets lasagna is served as a main course, maybe with some fresh salad as side dish.

Medium bodied white dry wines are a good match for seafood lasagna, especially the wines from Sicily like Grecanico, Alcamo, Vermentino.